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Deposits / Fees

Security Deposit

Your landlord is allowed to ask you for a security deposit to cover the costs of damage to the unit or property, or unpaid rent or utilities.  The maximum amount you can be charged is 1/2 month's rent and you must pay this deposit within 30 days after moving in.  Your security deposit cannot increase over time.  For instance, if your rent goes up $100 over five years, your landlord cannot ask for an additional $50 to put towards your security deposit.

Pet Damage Deposit

Your landlord can ask for a pet damage deposit to cover damage done by pets. You can be asked for this deposit when you move in with your pet or when you get a pet. Your landlord can only ask for 1/2 month's rent, regardless of the type or number of pets you have.  A condition inspection report should be completed if you get a pet during your tenancy.

Getting your deposit back

The law requires tenants and landlords to do move-in and move-out condition inspection reports. The penalty for not participating in a condition inspection report is losing the right to the deposit.

When you move out, you must give your landlord a forwarding address in writing indicating where the security deposit can be sent.  You have one year to do this before you lose the right to the deposit. Once you have provided your forwarding address and moved out, your landlord has 15 days to do one of the following:

  • return the deposit with interest
  • get your written permission to keep the deposit
  • apply for dispute resolution in order to claim for the deposit

If your landlord does not follow this process, you can make a claim with the Residential Tenancy Branch for double the deposit. To learn how to apply, click here.

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