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Become a member of TRAC
May 22, 2012
If you want to become a member of TRAC‚ click here.  Reciprocal memberships available for organizations.... more >

Please help TRAC out and give us some feedback on our services
September 21, 2011
Please help TRAC out and give us some feedback on our services: 2 Question Tenant Survival Guide Survey 3 Question Tenant Infoline Survey 3 Question Website Survey Thank you!... more >

Public Commission on Legal Aid Report
April 27, 2011
The Public Commission on Legal Aid was launched in June of 2010 for the purpose of engaging British Columbians regarding their views on the future of legal aid in the Province of British Columbia. Click here t... more >

Share your story about BC's shortage of affordable rental housing
September 22, 2010
Renters Speak Up is intended to bring attention to our region’s rental housing shortage, to understand the true impacts on renters and to demonstrate broad support for senior government action to stimul... more >

Translated Tenancy Agreement Forms
September 21, 2010
We now have translated Residential Tenancy Agreement Forms available in Punjabi, Chinese Simplified, and Chinese Traditional. Note: these forms are only translations, not actual legal documents.... more >

New Information and Privacy Guidelines for Landlords and Tenants
September 20, 2010
The BC Information and Privacy Commissioner has released new guidelines on what type of information landlords can ask for from potential tenants. Highlights include the following: Tenants do not ... more >

Follow TRAC at
September 17, 2010
Follow TRAC at to keep informed on housing issues in BC, TRAC activities, and your rights as a tenant.      ... more >

Only 280 Social Housing Units Built in Last 5 Years
September 15, 2010
Seth Klein and Lorraine Copas of SPARC BC have conducted research on the lack of social housing in BC. According to their findings, which can be found here, only 280 new units have been built in th... more >

Global Tenant Magazine
July 02, 2010
The latest edition of the International Union of Tenants‛ Quarterly Magazine "Global Tenant" discusses the world wide problem of increasing rents and shortage of rental accommodation.  Click he... more >

How to Prepare for Rental Accommodation
June 06, 2010
Are you looking to rent your home?  Read through the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s 7 part guide on how to prepare for rental accommodation.... more >

Danger of Raising Rent Increases
April 26, 2010
TRAC would like to warn tenants about the apartment owners’ campaign to raise the allowable rate of rent increases in BC.  Our province has the most unaffordable rental housing in the country and lan... more >

TRAC staff member featured in BC Hydro online article
April 20, 2010
TRAC staff member Tom Durning was recently featured in a BC Hydro online article. He discusses challenges facing tenants, challenges facing TRAC, his involvement in BC Hydro`s engagement initiatives, and more. ... more >

New Book: Everything You Need to Know to Prevent a Disaster
March 19, 2010
Understanding your rights and responsibilities under the Residential Tenancy Act is not always easy.  This is why Margaret Carter-Pyne, a former arbitrator and Dispute Resolution Officer for over 20 years ... more >

Allowable Rent Increases for 2010
February 10, 2010
Follow this link to the Residential Tenancy Branch website to see the allowable rent increases for 2010.... more >

Deposit Interest Calculator
February 10, 2010
Follow this link to the Residential Tenancy Branch website to calculate the interest on deposits.... more >

Information Available in Filipino
December 04, 2009
Our fact sheet "5 Ways to Protect Yourself" is now available in Filipino.  ... more >

Campaign for a Poverty-Free Canada
November 09, 2009
Support the Dignity for all Campaign by checking out their website, signing their petition, or donating. The Dignity for All Campaign calls for vigorous and sustained action by the federal government to combat ... more >

Free Energy Saving Kit for Low Income Households
October 08, 2009
BC Hydro is currently offering free Energy Savings Kits to all low-income customers.  The kit includes compact flourescent lightbulbs, weatherstripping, a low-flow shower head, along with other products.&n... more >

Province proposes renter-friendly changes to strata laws
September 22, 2009
The province has introduced changes to the Strata Property Act that will require new Strata Corporations to allow strata-owners to rent out their condos.  Currently Strata Corporations may choose to pass b... more >

HST to increase costs for landlords and tenants
August 12, 2009
The provincial government’s decision to create a single harmonized sales tax (HST) will result in landlords paying higher taxes on previously exempt services for their apartment buildings such as maintena... more >

New Olympic Tenant Assistance Worker to help tenants deal with 2010-related evictions
July 28, 2009
July 27, 2009 For immediate release: New Tenant Assistance Worker available to help tenants deal with 2010‐related evictions Tenants concerned they may be evicted to make room for 2010 Winter Games visitor... more >

Job posting for administrative assistant/bookkeeper
July 14, 2009
TRAC Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre is looking for a part time Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper for its office located in downtown Vancouver, right near the Burrard Skytrain station. We are seeking so... more >

Olympic Tenant Assistance Worker
July 13, 2009
On July 27th, tenants will be able to contact a new Tenant Assistance Worker at TRAC Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre. The Tenant Assistance Worker has been hired to deal with Olympic-related tenancy ... more >

Join the City of Vancouver registry of tenants
June 26, 2009
The City of Vancouver now has an online tenant registry to protect renters from Olympic-related evictions.  Check it out here. Tenants should fill out the registry form if they are concerned that the dwell... more >

Multilingual information videos coming soon
June 22, 2009
TRAC will be providing information video clips in multiple languages within the next several months.  The short videos will present basic information for tenants on how to protect yourself as a renter and ... more >

Bed Bugs
February 09, 2009
Bed bugs are back and are becoming a major problem in BC. Check for signs of bed bugs before you move into a place and take steps to prevent bed bug infestations. Your local health department will likely not ge... more >

New 10-Day Eviction Notice!
February 09, 2009
If your landlord gives you a 10-Day Notice to End Tenancy for Unpaid Rent or Utilities, do not ignore it.  A bailiff could turn up at your door to remove your possessions within 10 days.  Before J... more >

Leases (Fixed term tenancy agreements)
February 09, 2008
A fixed term tenancy agreement is a type of lease which states that you have to move out or sign a new agreement at the end of the term of the lease, usually after one year. This type of agreement is not benefi... more >


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